Welcome to the information desk. Here you can read more about the museum, new topographics photography and learn how to submit your own photos if you want to showcase some photos of your own.

The museum

New Topographics is a online museum for new topographics photography. It started out as a school project in a graphic design course at Westerdals in October of 2019.

All photographs showcased have been submitted to the site by the photographers themselves. We want as many photographs as possible to be accompanied by a link to the location where the photo was taken on Google Maps, so visitors can explore the area the photo is from.

The museum is designed, developed and managed by August Gaukstad. This is a passion project, and something I tinker with beside my job and other hobbies.

Do not redistribute any images from this website without getting permission from the photographer of the photograph in question.

New Topographics

New Topographics is a photography movement which has its name from an exhibition curated by William Jenkins at the International Museum of Photography in New York City in 1975.

The exhibition, named "New Topographics: Photographs of a Man-Altered Landscape", featured landscape photography where the main subject of the photo is man-made scenery. This aesthetic has since been emulated by photographers around the world.